Multicolored Illuminated Tables Set the Scene for this 80s Themed Event
Purple neon illuminated tables for Cascadia Motivation
Spandex Sculpted Light Columns - 8'T
White Illuminated Cocktail Tables, Chinese paper lantern lighting

Bob Gail Special Events has a huge inventory of illuminated furniture that comes in all sizes, styles and colors. It includes illuminated banquet rounds, illuminated cocktail tables, illuminated buffets and light up bars which create unforgettable, enchanting scenic elements for small settings and huge ballrooms alike. Complete eye-catching designs with matching 10ft tall spandex light columns and giant light funnels that add spectacular entrances and stunning perimeter décor. The light sources under the tables are battery operated and therefore require no messy electrical cords running across your event space floor. We can utilize either neon lights which come in a wide variety of colors or wireless remote controlled LED lights if you prefer to change colors and designs throughout your event.

Our light-up furniture will transform any space into a spectacular environment and has unanimously received rave reviews from every client that has utilized them.

The illuminated pieces are perfect for dozens of dramatic themed parties including
“Ultra Lounge”, “Nightclub”, “Under the Sea”, “Havana Nights”, “Miami Beach”, “80’s Neon Flashback”, “Futuristic Soiree”, “Ice Blue Holiday”, “Blues and Hues” or a simple elegant affair. Let your imagination run wild!